Gear Talk: The Canvas Chore Coat

A Decade Worthy Coat

Our brand's perogative is to make long lasting gear. We've always put emphasis on quality, and while we're not claiming to make the highest quality goods in the world, we're certainly working towards that goal. To back up that claim, we have introduced our most thought-out and highest quality piece to date. The Canvas Chore Coat is our current brand defining soft good. 

Field-Tested, Studio Approved

The chore coat first originated in 19th-century France used by laborers, farmers, and engineers. Quickly gaining popularity, it became the icon of the working man. Typically dyed blue to better hide stains and dirt, the infamous coat was dubbed the “blue worker” jacket. This is where the term “blue collar worker” comes from. 


In the last few years, workwear has became extremely popular for non-blue collar workers for it's durability and reliability. We are seeing lots of double-knee pants, barn coats, and canvas jackets emerging in popularity. As a company who has loved outdoor gear for a long time, we wanted to contribute our take starting with one of the most classic pieces of workwear, the chore coat. 


Built for both studio and outdoor use, we've created the coat with our motto “For Any Situation” in mind. Durable and heavy enough for the winter weather, but comfortable and wearable enough for working indoors. Accompanied with 3 outer pockets, 1 inner pocket, and antique brass buttons, we have a lot to talk about what sets us apart.

What Sets Us Apart

A fair question is what sets us apart from the hundreds of years of chore coats. We've tested a lot of chore coats from various companies, and to be quite frank we didn't find what we were looking for. Our studio wanted durability for the outdoors, but also comfort for indoor use. 


To tackle durability for outdoors, we focused on two things. The fabric and the buttons. After trying several chore coats from other brands that ranged from 10-12 oz, our team chose an extremely durable and thick 16.5 oz 100% cotton canvas material. It is a very noticeable difference when working outside in both protection and warmth. For the buttons, we found a majority of companies using plastic. After some rigourous testing, it was clear that brass buttons were the 100% right way to go. Not only do they patina as well as the jacket does, but they are never failing. 


For comfort, our focus was on wash and fit. Since the coat uses a thick and typically stiff canvas, we combated that with a vintage wash. This gives the fabric a beautiful look as well as “breaks it in”. As for the fit, it was created in a boxier cut. This allows for layering for the outdoors, but also allows airflow for indoor work when using only a base layer underneath.

The Details

While the construction is great, we also personalized it to fit our brand and what we're all about. The Canvas Chore Coat is branded with two cream and barn red woven labels. The chest pocket logo is a new mark we are introducing that will be used on our highest quality goods as we work up to our self-proclaimed “gear company” title. The neck label is the popular Outdoor Goods graphic we released on a tee last winter. 

The inner pocket is embroidered with our tonal Terrain logo. We love adding small details that only the user knows about. While hidden, it reminds you of our commitment to quality.






So if you're looking for an ultra-durable jacket that can accompany you For Any Situation, here it is. Purchase one, shoot us an email letting us know of your adventure, feedback, and anything else you want to share.


Until our next gear talk, get out there.

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