Gear Talk: The Seaport Beanie

The Inspiration Behind the Good

The fisherman's beanie originated out of necessity. Knit by the wives of the seamen, the cap is most recognizable by it's short length and wide weave. The short length was crucial because the fisherman's job was often dangerous. Having their ears clear of any obstruction ensured that everyone on the ship could hear any calls or horns given by the captain. This started the popular look that is now a staple in any sportsman's wardrobe. 
While we love the history behind the fisherman's beanie, we also found a lot of inspiration in a film by the great Wes Anderson. 2004's "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou." While we won't go into depth with the film, the crew of the ship all sport an iconic red fisherman's beanie. It was a symbol of brotherhood and acceptance within the crew. An item that was a mark of a fellow mate.
Our Seaport Beanie stems from a rich history of the coasts and seaports in New England as well as the mark of a crew represented in The Life Aquatic. We created an item that displays what we're all about here: creativity inspired by the outdoors. The quality knit forms to your head overtime and is finished with our script logo. Built to keep your head warm and your ears clear, it's For Any Situation.

Available in 3 colorways: Ash, Jade, and Plum, there is no shortage of variety.

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